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Chapter 3: United WE Stand, Divided WE Fall

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There are so many challenges that are posted, within social media, that go viral on a daily basis.  How about we complete a challenge and begin normalizing US supporting one another?

I talk about this in the book, “The Problems With US”, as it appears that WE have difficulty with supporting each other’s endeavors within the Black community. We’re very quick to support others who are from different nationalities or ethnic backgrounds, unconditionally, but when it comes to doing so with one another, it has to come with conditions. Why is that?! So I challenge each and everyone of you to begin supporting Black Owned Businesses, support your friend’s/family’s dreams, ideas, and visions, support their desire to go back to school, etc. Hell, support those that you don’t even know!!!

United WE Stand, Divided WE’ll surely Fall.  Check out the video posted about this topic by clicking the link below!


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