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“Ignorance is the problem”: A Moment With Jane Elliott

“What would be necessary for us all to do is learn our origin, learn why events occurred, things (such as laws excluding us) had come into existence, and so on and so forth. Doing so was needed for this book because a lot of US, including myself, have only been taught the basics regarding African Americans, our struggles, our contributions, our reasons for existing in America, and etcetera. Learning and inquiring information regarding Black history, and also reinforcing what was already known, not only provides a better understanding of who WE are and why we are the way that we are now, but it also ensures cultural continuity for African Americans…. WE are and we’re more than just Slaves!” ~Ishanae’ Pollard

Chapter 1: Who WE Are
“The Problems With US: Exploring Aided Dysfunctions within the Black Community”


Pre-Orders will begin soon!

You can purchase through the book’s website, once launched, or through Amazon when the book is available.

*You also can listen to the rest of this interview with @janeelliotofficial @janeelliottofficial on Anchor, Apple Podcast, TuneIn Radio or Spotify on the Adult Conversations Podcast channel.*


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