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The Problems With US:

Exploring Aided Dysfunctions within the Black Community

Table of Contents

The Problems With Us Cover by Ishanae Pollard

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WE have to educate ourselves on our history. WE also have to condition ourselves to believe that our existence was created to be more than just slaves.

CHAPTER 2: When Dysfunction Becomes Function

WE have to work towards changing our thought patterns about ourselves and about others who identify with us, in order to change behaviors and ways of living that keeps us stagnant and aids our oppression.

CHAPTER 3: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Continued divisiveness within our communities will forever keep us from flourishing as a unit. WE need to work towards coming together, not only during times of adversity, but also during instances that will cause and promote change to our conditions within the American society.

CHAPTER 4: Debilitated Family Dynamics

Working towards strengthening our families should always be key. The separation of the Black American family has always been detrimental and has also contributed to our continued divisiveness. It is now time to rebuild healthier and stronger families!

CHAPTER 5: Categorized, Objectified, and Monetized While Televised

WE are not objects! WE are not puppets! WE are not and were not placed on this earth to be demeaned, belittled, or only used for other's entertainment or mockery and ridicule.

CHAPTER 6: US Moving Forward

In order for us to move forward and progress, we must begin tackling the problems that continue to follow us on a daily basis. Do not be misled by the title of this book as it is not stating that African Americans/Blacks are a problem. WE are not a problem at all! WE are just dealing with a few. So let's begin dealing with those few mentioned so that we are able to flourish within a society that wants to see US fail.

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